Master Tech Catering to the more complicated needs of home and business scenarios, The Security Alarms designed to protect small shops, offices, and residential buildings from theft, robbery, fire, and flooding, with instant and visual alarm verification for real assurance.

Alarm systems are also known as burglar alarm systems, security protection systems or intrusion detection systems. All common alarm systems work based on the same technical principle. They use a number of different sensors to detect a break-in into a building or security area. If sensors are used to detect smoke, water or toxic smoke, an alarm system will also alert you of these dangers, for example, by sounding a siren or calling a monitoring station.

Master Tech do install wired and wireless alarm system. There are some applications and differentiate of both systems.

High-quality, basic mechanical protection is always the first step in a holistic security concept for your home. This will make life difficult for thieves looking to break into your house or apartment. However, as any mechanical protection system can be cracked if a criminal has enough time to practice his/her “craft” unmonitored, an alarm system should constitute the second stage of any security system. This will trigger an alarm if a break-in occurs or if one is even attempted.

Application areas for wired alarm systems:


Application areas for wireless alarm systems:


Advantages of wired/hybrid alarm

• Wireless alarm systems are suitable for smaller and larger-scale houses or apartments, and for smaller or medium-scale commercial objects.
• Wireless alarm systems are the system of choice for retrofitting and can be quickly and cleanly installed by a security expert.


Advantages of wireless alarm

• Wireless transmission for use at inaccessible locations
• Cost-effective installation • Relatively uncomplicated installation without cable drawing
• Very flexible, can be extended at any time • Easy to take with you if you move
• Additional components can be easily and quickly integrate

We Produly used HIKvision Brand for our Alarms products range with reasonable price.

At Hikvision, we believe that innovation results in products that can do more while becoming simpler to use. The AX PRO wireless intrusion alarm system is the perfect example – it’s an incredible new design that combines the powerful and reliable security systems of the past with the simplicity of tomorrow’s best technology. The AX PRO system is both conventional and revolutionary, providing proven wireless stability, a wide range of world-class products, and ease-of-use for both installers and end users. Simple setup, powerful protection – whether it’s for a business-owner’s property or a home-owner’s loved ones – bringing peace of mind every day, all day.

We feel that our technicians are best part of security business is often unrecognized for its contribution to the profitability & success of a business. We believe in success of our business in the world.

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