Expert Surveillance Installation

We Master Tech Solutions are Auckland based tech company. we have been working in Auckland and the surrounding region since 2018. we are specialized in CCTV, intercom, data cabling, Audio/video installation for residential and commercial.

Our Specializations

  • We also specialized and certified Sky satellite and Aerial installer. We have done a thousand jobs for residential and commercial places. We got a good rating as per our work and satisfaction of Customers.
  • We do install the access point and networking cabling for motels /hotels, commercial and residential.
  • We also specialized in phone reception. so if you or your business struggling with phone reception. Whether you are in a city or a Rural area we have the solution for you. the system we install works with all service providers like Vodafone, spark, and 2degree. once the system is installed it is registered legalized with the service provider with whom you have the connection then you as an operator can get 3 or 4 bars along with good internet speed.

So over the years, we are upgrading our services to cater to the client’s needs. Why wait then contact us if you are looking any services which related to our work.

We would love to help to assist you with our best workmanship
along with excellent customer services.

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