Intercom systems are essential for developing two-way communications throughout a building or campus. Schools, hospitals, offices, and more all frequently use intercom systems for efficient communication. Here are the biggest benefits of intercom systems.


Integration with CCTV

Intercom systems are often used to supplement secure access to a facility. Rather than allowing unauthorized persons open access to a building, a posted employee can see the individual from inside the building using the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. Both parties can communicate reciprocally using the intercom system. This process allows for higher security at the access points of a building.

Latest Technology


An intercom system can be used for more than just inter-office communication and exterior door access. Intercom combined with interior door access can restrict access to certain wings or rooms within a facility. This ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed in high-priority areas.

message at the same time

Improved Communication

Traditionally, intercom systems have been used to easy communication within a building. Intercom speakers placed at strategic points in a building make it easy for everyone in a building to receive a message at the same time. Important announcements can be made with the intercom. An intercom also makes it easy to find a specific individual quickly, which can be especially important when time is scarce

makes more secure

Deter Crime

Intercom systems require that anyone who wants to enter a building identify themselves. This deters criminals or unauthorized personnel from entering your facility, which makes your facility more secure

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Get alerts, see and speak to your guests/ delivery guy and even open the door from your smartphone anywhere, anytime! Choose from Analog or Audio Only To Video Digital. Upgrading a multi tenant audio intercom to an audio and video intercom can be fast, easy and inexpensive. Call for a free consultation on Upgrade options. We can offer you several options to meet your needs and budget!
Intercoms, when installed on the exterior of a building, can serve as a filtering system for who is allowed to enter a home or business. Communication between the person at the door and the person inside can help ensure an identity without the risk of opening up the door. People who may want to consider an audio intercom for security reasons include people who live alone or those who reside in dangerous neighborhoods. Businesses can also use such a system to control access to sensitive rooms. Knowing who is at the door before you have to answer it can provide a sense of security and control over who enters a household or business.

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